“Calcaia”Orvieto Classico Superiore Muffa Nobile DOC




“Calcaia”Orvieto Classico Superiore Muffa Nobile DOC


  • Producer: Barberani Viticoltori
  • Name of wine: Calcaia
  • Type: Dessert
  • Varietal / Blend: Grechetto, Trebbiano Procanico
  • Vintage:2014
  • Region / Appellation: Umbria
  • Classification: Orvieto DOC
  • Bottle size: 0,50
  • Pairing suggestions: It is perfect with “pâté de foie gras” appetizers and it is excellent with herbed, goat and sharp cheeses. It also goes well with biscuits.
    It is simply a marvellous meditation wine
  • Service temperature: 12-14 °C

Certified Organic
Certified Organic

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On autumn mornings, the Calcaia vineyards are surrounded by a thick fog. The grapes, in this particular micro-climate condition, are gradually affected by a particular rot, the “Botrytis Cinerea”. This microscopic fungus, that is usually harmful, transforms itself into the amazing Noble Rot only if certain fundamental weather occurrences take places: alternating humid mornings and sunny ventilated evenings. This Rot, tends to progressively dehydrate the grapes, concentrating sugar and acidity. The “Botrytis Cinerea” enriches and exalts the complexity of the wine, giving unique and unmistakable aromatic and tasting notes. The Botritys Cinerea operates in different time on every different grape and vine. The harvesters are trained to pick only the grapes that have the “rotten” effect, leaving on the vines those grapes that are not ready. For this reason we need almost five or six different harvests, during November and December, to complete the crop. The musts that we obtain are very rich, perfumed and concentrated. The fermentation is slow and constant for a long period of time and stops naturally. The first official vintage was 1986 although the experimentation started in the late seventies, guided by the hand and passion of Luigi Barberani.

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Wine Making

This is the story of a precious wine. Born in the vineyards of the green hills of umbria, bent by wind and caressed by the waters of lake corbara. A unique and intoxicating nectar, from the passion of luigi and giovanna barberani. Since 1961 the barberani family have followed the ancient rite of the harvest, with skilled hands, turning the grapes into a symphony of aromas and flavors, in total respect for the land and tradition. It is a passion that has its roots in the past and through love and devotion have been passed down from generation to generation it is the future of the umbrian agriculture, a timeless journey.

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In gray and gloomy autumn nights, an impalpable and mystical fog envelops the vineyards on the hills of Lake Corbara well after the rising of the sun. Only then the cool morning winds dry the mist from the bunches so they can enjoy the beneficial afternoon sun, proudly resting on the branches. From this climate swing is rot made noble, enveloping berries in an embrace that dries them and concentrates the best qualities. It gives a valuable identity to this intoxicating wine, rare and unmistakable. Only the grapes caressed by the magic of Botrytis are chosen by the expert and devoted hands of those who know the art of the late harvest. Hands which can recognize the perfect berries and leave the not yet ripe ones on the plant. Through absolute care and attention to detail comes the magic of a paradigm wine: a wine dense, unctuous, unique and intoxicating. Unique in the world.