“Cerasa” Salento Rosato IGP


Michele Calò

“Cerasa” Salento Rosato IGP

  • Type: Rosè Wine
  • Varietal / Blend: Negramaro selected grapes, growed in our vineyard Prandico, part. n° 27, on the Agro included in Alezio’s area (LE)
  • Vintage: 2017
  • Region / Appellation: Puglia
  • Bottle size: 0,75l
  • Pairing suggestions: It combines well with relevant fish courses, mediterranean cooking, white meat
  • Service temperature: 12-14 °C

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Through the cultivation of the grapevine linked to the enhancing the value of the products of his land, Michele Calò stands out as forerunner of high quality wines in Salento. Now his wines can be sold on great international markets worthy to welcome them. From Tuglie, in all Italy and all over the world. A great rematch taken by that man who left with the Salentine sun in his heart.

FERNANDO and GIOVANNI CALÒ. Values which don’t disappear.
Fernando and Giovanni control the various phases of the activities developed with the great passion transmitted by their father. But they work also with an innovative spirit and with the awereness that only undertaking really to do something, gives hoped outcomes, sastisfying also more demanding palates.

To create wines respecting nature and traditions.
The modern cultivation of wine requires the recovery and the ennoblement of the old native grapevines. In the winery Calò the historic grapevines as Negroamaro,black Malvasia, Primitivo and Verdeca, are always at the basis of the production. There are strong grapevines for important and elegant wines, able to cause intense emotions. These outcomes require a constant care and a great attention in the grapevine and in the winery in every moment of they year, to give the best, respecting nature and traditions.

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Michele Calò

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Wine Making

VINIFICATION: traditional “Lacrima” vinification; grapes are left macerating for 16-18 hours according to the ripening and therefore to the color. During the racking-off just the 25%-30% maximum is used for the production of “Cerasa” wine. Exclusively the best part, the clear one with a pink coral color obtained from the clear “alzata del Cappello” must, is used at a constant temperature of about 18°. The fermentation lasts about 10 days and when it ends, the 20% of the product is carried for 5, 6 months in small French oak barrels of 225 litres capacity; the other 80% is left in steel vats. At the end of ageing of wine, the two parts are blended for the necessary time, before the bottling of the wine.

More Details

NAME: the name of the wine derives from the typical color of the rosè wine Cerasuolo, whose name means “red like a cherry”; the cherry is just called “Cerasa” in Salentine vernacular.

GRAPES: Negramaro selected grapes, growed in our vineyard Prandico, part. n° 27, on the Agro included in Alezio’s area (LE).
TYPE OF TERRAIN: clayey and calcareus and of medium blending.
PERIOD OF GRAPE HARVEST: first weeks of september.
TYPE OF HARVEST: picking by hand.
MEDIUM PRODUCT PER HECTARE: 60 quintals of grape per hectare.

Color: intense, brilliant, coral pink.
Scents: intense bouquet reminding cherries and fresh fruit, delicate.
Flavour: smooth, elegant and with a good fruity persistance,
accurately sapid.
GASTRONOMIC PAIRINGS: it combines well with
relevant fish courses, mediterranean cooking, white meat.
Production: 10.000 bottles